Try Scuba Diving – Session 3

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“Be adventurous, Be amazed. Be a Diver.”

Experience the incredible underwater world of Scuba Diving! How does it feel to breathe under water? Is it fun? Can I really do it?

You’ve always been the one with that thirst. That nagging ambition to just go. That curious impulse to see and explore. And yet, two thirds of your world remains a mystery. It isn’t about what you see or where you go. Its about being what you’re meant to be.

This is your chance!
Experience the Underwater World on a Try Scuba at John Glenn High School with extremely qualified Seaquatics Inc. Dive Leader for only $50!

Diving is much easier than you might think!

Be ready to enjoy the experience and dive into a new world!

Before you attend your class, Please Watch the SSI Risk Awareness Video Part 1

Before your Try Scuba, You will need to complete the following forms:

TRY SCUBA DIVING the program to begin your diving career.

A well trained Instructor will teach you the proper knowledge and skills required for your experience in the underwater world. At the end of this program you will experience an unforgettable dive with your Instructor.

You have been able to collect a first impression of your new recreational sports “Diving”. We hope you enjoyed gliding through the endless blue with your Instructor. Now it is already time to think about your personal career in diving and the next steps. Your way to become a serious and independent diver is easy.

We offer opportunities for you to actually TRY scuba to see if you like it. If you have always wondered what it would be like to breathe underwater and to swim with the fish this is your chance.

The cost for a Try Scuba is only $50, including everything you need in order to do your Try Scuba Experience. And, if you sign up for class afterward, $25 goes toward the price of your open water training!

Please bring your swim suit to class along with a plain white t-shirt.

Try Scuba Registration